Eastern Neck Island Trips

This is an index of all the Eastern Neck Island trips that Mary and I were on.

January 2005

Our coldest trip so far. Temperatures were in the thirties.

November 20, 2005

On our first Eastern Neck trip with Marshal we were fotunate enought to come when the Tundra Swans were there. Unfortunately we couldn't come close enought for pictures of the swans.



July 20 2006

I believe this was the first after paddle picnic.
Talking.jpg September 9, 2006

After the paddle we went to THe waterman's retuarant.


July 28, 29 2007

On friday evening after dinner
we stop for at the ice-cream store
in Rock Hall
SueandMarshall-M.jpg Sep 28. 29, and 29

Our most chaotic trip. 
December 29